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New Breeds Added !

• Welsummer • Cuckoo Marans •
• Wheaten Marans • White Cochin
• Wheaten Penedesenca • Polish Bantam •
• Barnevelder Bantam • Chantecler •
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Granddaughter and chickens
mixed baby chicks
Serama Rooster Chicken
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Our Start With Backyard Chickens


We're Bob and Pam Bendixen. Our love of animals grew the dream for our Flybabies Backyard Chicken Hatchery. It took us from owning our many dogs, to starting Whispering Ranch, to raising horses, and now much more. As we discovered how much joy farm life gave us, "much more"  turned into bringing chickens to the farm and to our backyard. One thing led to another, and from Cleo, our Silkie Show Girl first chicken, we've long since graduated to raising the best chickens of the most-wanted breeds for others.  

Our Chickens

From Ameraucana through Wyandotte, we start with the absolute best bloodlines, and only the best of the best go to the breeding area, where they spend their time doing what chickens love to do. We love to pamper our flybabies!  

Maybe Your Chickens?


One of our lifetime goals is to pass this love on to as many people as possible, and bring others the  rewards, calm, and satisfaction that come from having a few (or many !) chickens in their own backyards.
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Sometimes it really helps to look at running a farm with a sense of humor. That's when we remember...

Grandpa sez...


Grandpa sez. "A few chickies in the back yard means not goin' hungry when times is tough, and they's lots more healthy than factory farm eggs and meat."
Grandma sez, "Spend some time with 'em after a rough day, you will chill..."
Grandpa sez, "And if it's biker chicks you're after, I'll dig up the old Schwinn & deliver 'em personal. That'll be $75 a mile for delivery 'cuz its probably uphill all the way."
Grandma sez, "Don't name your chickens if you're lookin' to have 'em for dinner!"
  Our Flybabies Backyard Chickens 6182 Bluff Rd. Bancroft, WI 54821 715-252-0422 bob@ourflybabies.com www.ourflybabies-chickensforsale.com