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Marans Copper chickens
Marans Copper Chickens
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Marans Chickens

Black & Copper

After we decided to raise chickens on Whispering Ranch the next step was to decide what breeds we were going to have. So Bobís next project was to comb the internet. We looked through Hendersonís Chicken Breed Chart, Backyard and It was there that we saw the Black Copper Marans. The beauty of the roosters, the docile nature and the dark chocolate colored eggs that the hens produce, drew us to the breed.

There are both French feather-legged, and English clean-legged varieties of Marans birds. Because the breed was developed in France, members of the Marans Club tend to lean towards the feather-legged variety.

This breed is becoming more and more popular because of the color of the eggs along with the fact that this breed is a dual purpose. They are great for the the backyard flock.

We are pleased to say that we acquired some BC Marans that are of the Bev Davis lines from Greenfire Farms. They are beautiful birds and we have some high quality babies.

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