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Golden Phoenix Chickens

This beautiful ornamental breed, originally from Japan, is quite passive. They were bred for thousands of years with the long tail as a primary goal (yes, the Japanese had their version of the Phoenix legend also!). After two years of age the sickle feathers on the roosters no longer molt and can grow up to 15 feet long. Therefore if you are interested in this breed you will want to have especially tall perches.

The hens can be broody and have been known to steal other clutches. We have seen this with our Xi-Ling.

We have a pair that we have named Donny & Marie because of how they love to sing to each other, more than any of our other birds.

They lay a white- to cream-tinted egg, though they are not great producers. These are unique birds you'll want for their spectacular looks alone- if any bird resembles the Phoenix of legend, it's this one.

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